Binham Priory, Norfolk, East End

Oil on Canvas - 82 x 82cm


Linocut - 10 x 12cm

Bringing Back the Bins

Oil on canvas - 92 x 107cm

Dutch Couple

Oil on Canvas - 107 x 92cm

Fontaine Pascal, Aix

Oil on Canvas - 107 x 92cm

Fruit Bowl and Newspaper

Lino and Woodcut - 38 x 30cm

Ludlow Castle

Oil on Canvas - 92 x 107cm

Street Musicians

Oil on canvas - 92 x 107cm

I am both a painter and printmaker.

Much of my work is about history. What interests me is how we can see evidence of the past all around us. I paint contemporary scenes, people in public places and architecture but am always conscious of the historical context of each scene.

In terms of carrying out the work, drawing is an essential basis together with a strong pictorial structure.

Colour and pattern, although intuitive, are also important elements of both paintings and prints.