Maurice Read - Evening Staithes Harbour

Oil on canvas - 30 x 36cm

Binham Priory Early Morning

Oil - 33 x 51cm

Norwich Cathedral

Oil - 50 x 40cm

Norwich Cathedral from Mousehold

Oil - 33 x 51cm


Oil - 40 x 40cm

Tuscan Arch

Oil - 40 x 50cm

Wheat Fen

Oil - 40 x 50cm

Educated in London and studied the NDD diploma at Twickenham School of Art and typography and graphic design at Central School of Art.

Taught for twenty years as a lecturer at Norwich School and head of the Foundation Department. Have painted in watercolour throughout my life but now paint entirely in oils.

Patiently looking at landscape at the same time of day over several days and painting outside in the elements that I enjoy.

It is the simplifying down of the subject into an underlying geometric composition to smaller shapes and repetitions that excites me to paint and unite harmoniously into my work.