around an apple tree

Mixed media - 30 x 42cm

Blue Moon

Mixed media - 59 x 84cm

A ring a ring of roses

Mixed media - 59 x 84cm

Garden in South Norfolk

Mixed media - 59 x 83cm


Mixed media - 59 x 83cm

A flower with every possible name

Mixed media - 59 x 83cm


Drypoint etching - 42 x 30cm

Here we go round the mulberry bush

Mixed media on paper - 60 x 84cm

This work is of immediate surroundings, summer, garden, outdoor stimulus, winter indoors, familiar objects and glimpses of things a lot more to come. Trained in textile design colour shape, the relationship of these the aim, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous. Trying to convey the exotic richness, the strength of nature and bring out the character of man made objects to run parallel with nature.

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