Clay - 50cm x 65cm x 45cm


Clay - 40cm x25cm x 25cm


Clay - 58cm x 40cm x 40cm

Fight & Form

Clay - 75cm x 50cm x 38cm


Clay - 50cm x 35cm x 28cm


Clay - 30cm x 40cm x 30cm

Tile piece II

Clay - 55cm x 28cm x 25cm

Wall & Form

Clay - 60cm x 40cm x 40cm

I have been making sculpture continuously since leaving Norwich School of Art in 1986.

For the last decade I have worked exclusively with stoneware clay, having previously used cement and plaster.

I am a modeller by temperament and I enjoy working with clay and within the structure of its limitations. I would say my sculpture is informed by my pleasure in architecture, that I hold a strong desire for and about the necessity of structure, and I have a long held interest in the nature of signs.

These interests are manifest in my work more or less successfully, with or without my intention. The struggle continues!