i sing the body electric

Oil on canvas - 170 x 100cm

seabag 1

Polyester Resin - 120cm x 110cm x 24cm

Chynna 2017

Oil - 42 x 30cm


Cold cast bronze - 19cm x 12cm x 16cm

persistence of nature

Cold cast bronze - 215cm x 110cm x 110cm

painting me painting you

Oil on canvas - 170cm x 100cm

persistence of nature (detail)

Cold cast bronze - 100cm x 100cm x 8cm

self portrait

Clay - 35cm x 18cm

Art brings us closer to a relationship with the world. I have been engaged in the process of making and painting since the 1980s. My work is in private collections and has been on show nationally.

Peter's Website: www.peteroffordart.co.uk