Norfolk Black

Equus (detail)


Recycled steel - 60cm tall


Rearing Horse (Private Commission)

Recycled and forged steel - 3.5m high


Recycled and forged steel - 5m long

Roaring Stag

Recycled and forged steel - 2m high Commisioned by Cambridgeshire County Council

Wolf drawing

charcoal and chalk on brown paper - 90 x 130cm


Work in progress on Rhino

Equus ferus cabullus, Epona. The symbolism, worship and use of horses has accompanied us through culture and civilisation since our very beginnings. It is a much favoured theme of mine in drawing and sculpture but this time on a much smaller scale.

Norfolk Black sculpture shown isĀ from the group exhibition at the John Innes Centre in 2010.