Mixed media - 150 x 120 cm


Ink on paper - 40 x 60 cm

Hang in There

Acyrlic on canvas - 90 x 60 cm


Acrylic on board - 46 x 43 cm

Listening for More

Mixed media with 6 steel sculptures - Each approx. 30 cm diameter

While You Were Sleeping

Mixed media - Approx 480 x 44 cm, 220 x 46 cm, 115 x 30 cm


Acrylic on board - 44 x 44 cm

Carrie Clarke’s work explores the human experience through themes of self reflection, contemplation and introspection. Engaging with both 2D and 3D media, she focuses on  simultaneously engaging both thought and the senses in her expressions. Often making maquettes using everyday materials such as paper, recycled soft furnishings and metals, she then draws, paints and photographs these before repeating the process. Each iteration informs the next stage of the work, developing spontaneously, pushing until she has an emotional response.


Working intuitively and instinctively her practice is one of thinking through making, preferring to relinquish control over predicted outcomes, allowing the materials to guide the process. Recently, movement as expression in the form of ballet and contemporary dance have become important in her practice as she uses it to influence gestural strokes in her paintings and initial shapes in sculptures.