The sailor's hands

Oil on canvas - 150 x 100cm

Year of the fire Rooster 2017 (The spirit of revolution)

Oil on canvas - 116 x 81cm

Anglia Square, Norwich

Mixed media on fabric - 240 x 300cm


Oil and oil pastel on cotton - 116 x 210cm

Noam Zabari portrait

Oil on canvas - 116 x 81cm

The Gold of Revolution (from the Revolution project)

Oil on canvas - 89 x 116cm

Gold Fontaine (R.Mutt 1917)

Oil on canvas - 116 x 89cm

I graduated with MA from NUA in 2010. I am an artist with synthetic thinking and a technique artist. This allows me to work simultaneously in several directions and styles. My paintings demand from a spectator intellectual, visual and emotional effort. I am calling my style as emotionalism and spontaneous realism.