Blackberries and Beads

Oil on panel - 29 x 24cm

Bird Teapot, Plums and Tern

Oil on panel - 29.5 x 24cm


Oil on panel - 35.5 x 28cm

Crab Apples

Oil on panel - 20.5 x 20.5cm

Kumquats from Menton

Oil on panel - 35.5 x 28cm

Lemon and Grapefruit in winter

Oil on panel - 23.5 x 29cm

Sweetheart Cabbage

Oil on panel - 25 x 20cm

Yearning Horse with Plums and Damsons

Oil on panel - 25 x 20cm

I am interested in looking closely and paying attention to the ordinary objects I see around me which may already be very familiar. When I paint them I try to organise them so that some sort of transformation takes place. I hope they are not just straightforward representations of their subject matter and that there are glimpses of something else going on as well.

I have exhibited my work widely both in East Anglia, London and abroad and have work in many private collections. I regularly enjoy taking part in the Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios scheme.

My paintings are all oil on panel.

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