Beatie installation

Photograph installation - Shown in Undercroft gallery

The Edge 3


Frozen 01


Frozen 04


Frozen 08


Light 2


Light 3


Light 4


I work with the medium of photography, viewing the world through lenses, both externally, in the “real” world and internally in my mind’s eye.

The camera captures and records visual information that is edited, processed and assimilated to express my personal reflections and contemplations on my experiences and feelings.

There are two main strands to my current practice:

The first is based on photography itself, using old family photo albums. The albums are a repository of both snaps and studio portraits that freeze a moment or a few moments in time.

I have taken the concept of being ‘frozen in time’ one step further, by actually freezing the images in water – perhaps a form of photographic cryogenics? These iced portraits are then partially thawed and photographed again, reviving and breathing new life into them as well as transporting them to a new, contemporary setting amongst the living.

The second strand is also a long-term project. It is a contemplations and reflection on the desecration of landscape by industry. It is based on an area of Great Yarmouth on the East Coast of England. It is known as ‘The Edge’, a piece of land bounded by sea on one side and an industrial estate and power station on the other. It is an abandoned and neglected stretch of land with its own wild character.

My preference is to photograph there on misty days when the effect of the light brings quietness to the images and reduces the colours of the landscape by overlaying them with grey.

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