NUA Degree show work 2018

Oil on canvas - Approx. 120 x 170cm

2001, 2017

Charlotte at the Bar, 2018

Chilli in the Eye, 2015

Illumination, 2017

Leah Sims is a figurative painter based in Norwich, UK. She graduated from the BA(Hons) Fine Art course at Norwich University of the Arts in July of 2018; she is one of the group’s licentiate members, for a two year period until summer 2020 and is now living and working in the city.

Her work explores the banalities and subtleties of domestic living, drawing on the mundane as inspiration for her often large scale, gestural works. In her most recent projects, Sims plays with the notion of observing and spectatorship, creating spaces that draw the viewer in, implicating them as a passive voyeur, whilst also drawing attention to the picture surface and its definitive borders.