Troubled Light 11

Oil on canvas - 120 x 80cm

6 Reds

Mixed Media - 82.5 x 65cm


Mixed Media - 152.5 x 125cm

Clouded Yellow

Mixed Media - 75 x 75cm


Mixed Media - 47 x 58cm

I find I have less and less to say about the paintings I make: I am happy to be led on the journey they take me on.
However, sometimes it is words of others that say with more precision and accuracy what I struggle to feel and articulate……

‘It is strange how deeply colours seem to penetrate one, like scent….’ Dorothea Brooke, in George Eliot’s Middlemarch.

‘Unless you read a painting as a feeling, then you don’t get anything at all….’ Michael Kidner – painter 1917 – 2009