Metal object

Welded steel, copper and stone - 7 x 7cm

Glass 9

Welded steel, stained glass and pebbles

From the 'Pieces' series

Cyanotype and acrylic paint - 10 x 10cm

BA Degree show exhibit - detail

Muslin, tissue, cyanotype and papier mache - 120 x 120cm

MA Work Beginning I and II

Acrylic paint, beads, mosaic, muslin and PVA on MDF - 25 x 25cm

MA Work - Shiny

Muslin, tissue, beads and mosaic

MA work material - detail

Collage - muslin, tissue and acrylic paint

Blind Spot

Acrylic paint, tissue and leaves - 69 x 59cm

Natasha Day was chosen as one of the group’s licentiate members after the online NUA degree showcase in the summer of 2021, and joined the group in 2023.


‘Making an object or piece of art is most often begun by an attraction to a certain material. The theme, preoccupation or concept follows as I work.

I use mediums that can take a certain amount of melding and evolution such as the cyanotype process, papier mache, collage, metal, mosaic, glass and paint for example. I prefer to be free to make whatever I want without being tied to a subject matter or method often using several materials and themes together.

I always hope for texture and beauty to be present and to entice the viewer to enjoy the sensual act of looking at the finished result.’

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