Girl Sitting

Time In Motion

I am a figurative artist, exhibiting since 2011 around the UK and internationally.

I studied at NUA on the foundation course and graduated in 2008 on the BA (Hons) Drawing & Applied Arts from University of the West of England, Bristol. I have also been attending life-drawing classes since the age of 13.

I explore themes in my drawings of emotional and physical journeys that we make through life. Each experience is as important as the next: they cannot be separated. The past informs the present.

My drawings show figures in motion. I like my work to represent the dance of life, where there is a real sense of movement and animation. I work on varying scales, sometimes life-size figures, using pencil, wood-burning pen (known as pyrography) or watercolour ink. Drawing with a wood-burning pen, so the lines are seared onto the paper, creates beautiful varying sepia tones.

Drawing for me is like a meditation. I follow a line and have a sense of what I want to create. Sometimes I see where a line will go; at others, it will lead me.

Rosie's Website: www.rosiewinn.com