Group members’ art works sent during 2020-21

Thanks to group member artists for reponses to a request for images of positive imagery.

Thanks to David Rogers for sending results of his painting over the summer, here are some:



From Gillian Charrot – ‘Mine’s a double!’


More from Nell Close, who says of this work “It’s mutating! …Eek!”




Some drawings created this Autumn by Nell Close, who says:

“These are pencil drawings of natures accidental arrangements—Improvisations on these themes—Exploring the patterning potential to be found in leaves and hedges.”


This series of oil paintings were created by 20 Group member, David Rogers:


From John Rance – recent work in oil and collage media:

Deeper, Oil and collage, 17 x 12cm


Sunlit Space, Oil and collage, 17 x 12cm


From David Rogers, while it is still a bit summery out there…

one of many summer Norfolk scenes painted this year:



From Nell Close – here’s the latest, it’s 6ft high like the artist…..taken ages, but then, I had ages.

Fair way to go yet, onwards and upwards!!!!
That’s entertainment!



From Gillian Charrot – ‘An iris called Gerald’, Gillian says – ‘hope this brightens a dreary day’.



From Juliet Wimhurst – new works “Zwick in Paradise” ‘which I thought might cheer people up’.


Here is a wave from long distance to all from Nell Close:
‘Attached are last week’s paintings. I call them Covid pictures because put together like this, they seem to mutate. They are 6-7” square canvases, with a title – Shedding some more light on the matter’.



Gillian Charrot sent in this beautiful painting of pussy willow.

Gillian said: ‘Despite everything, it’s a beautiful spring’ and we agree!



From Gennadiy Ivanov:

I paint different stuff now about Covid-19 self-portrait, like self-portrait project ‘Timelessness’.

For tens of thousands of artists around the world, in a matter of weeks the novel coronavirus has caused the loss of exhibitions, projects, side gigs, and left much uncertainty behind. Many of us have also lost freedom of movement. As we sit isolated at home and consider our fears and hopes for the future, this project is a challenge to confront ourselves by creating a self-portrait.



David Jones sent in his painting, ‘Yellow Chair’, oil on canvas. It came from a very quick drawing he created in one of the greenhouses at the Old Rectory Garden, East Ruston.



From Juliet Wimhurst: My neighbour bought me a little bunch of buds from Sainsbury’s to cheer me up. This is what they turned into!



From John Rance: Chedgey recently gave me this piece of his artwork which I have refurbished and bought back to it’s original state, it always brings a smile to my face.



From Gillian Charrot:

Found my wild daffs in flower down the field on Sunday. Rather than wander lonely as a cloud, I sat in the warm and did some sketching. Then they drooped.



From Les Burton:

These are a couple of lightweight paintings that I put into a 20 Group show in 2003 (there are two others). They are giant postcards with acknowledgements to the original artist Arnold Taylor and each of them has a little cutout from a famous painting. In these two Picasso and Manet. I recently resurrected them from the attic and gave them a clean. I now have them hanging around the house to cheer us up.



Laurie Rudling:

This is just finished and now won’t see the light of day for a few months. So I am dwelling on a title. The previous one in this series was One good tern…

I was thinking that this might be Your tern next
David Rogers:
Please see a pic of an oil painting by me which I think fits your brief. At least it’s easy on the mind and the eye. The longest dimension is about 30cm. It’s sold so I’m not sure about its dimensions. It was painted in 2012 and took one day. Its title is The Yare at Whitlingham Broad.

Posted on 30 October 2020