John Rance RIP

So very sorry to post that John Rance died in March 2023 – our thoughts to his family and friends.

We commemorated John’s creative output in our annual exhibition in June.

John wrote:

My work involves both painting and sculpture and often the two mediums will overlap into what is effectively a 3D painting/relief sculpture. I have worked with a variety of materials using what best suits the end result, welded steel, bronze casting, plastics, etc. though currently I’m principally working in wood. I like to work a material against its natural qualities to set up questions in the mind of the viewer.

My work in wood will often look like folded paper which of course is not possible with a hard product like wood so it creates a small perceptual mystery I’m also extremely interested in colour (at heart I am a colourist) and how colour works both physically and emotionally in both the mind and eye of the artist and the reception in the onlooker.

My other love is Life Drawing, I think it is essential for an artist to stay in touch with the core values of observational drawing and the disciplines involved.

What lies beneath, Oil on canvas

Tropical nights, Oil and collage on board

Deeper, Oil and collage on board

Summer, Emulsion on wood

Posted on 3 July 2023