Meetings at The Chapel, Park Lane, Norwich NR2 3EF

Group meetings at The Chapel, Park Lane, Norwich NR2 3EF from 7.30pm


Tuesday 3 October – New Licentiate members

Thanks for giving a great welcome to our recent graduates from Norwich University of the Arts who have been invited to join the group for a two year period, talking about their art practice.


Thanks to everyone who made our first meeting of the Autumn on Tuesday 5 September such a lively evening, with plenty of art to see, from group members and others.


Please note that everyone is welcome to bring art among to open meetings.

All are welcome come along to meetings in months of January – April, also June, and September – December

May is for members and proposed members only, and there are no meetings in July and August.

2024 meetings – these are usually the first Tuesday of the month.

Very pleased that artist Simon Bill gave a talk, as a joint event with Norfolk Contemporary Art Society – the venue for this was the Undercroft, during our group exhibition in June:

The subject of Visual Perception featured strongly in the teaching of art until the 80s, when it was dropped because it was not commensurate with Critical Theory. The orthodoxy of Critical Theory is in decline, whilst the study of perception as a branch of neuroscience has advanced rapidly. The response to these developments has been slow in art schools – this talk offered an introduction to Visual Perception and a survey of the subject as it stands today. 

Simon with two images from his Op Art murals on Great Yarmouth seafront:

Tuesday 6 June  – The role of arts to engage people with the Earth crisis

Thanks to Bridget McKenzie and Jennie Pedley for introducing their practice and ideas, and for thoughts on how the visual arts can engage people with climate and biodiversity issues to enable Norwich and Norfolk to be more liveable, safe and healthy in future.
Bridget McKenzie is an artist, researcher and creative curator focused on culture’s response to the Earth crisis. She is the founder of Climate Museum UK and of Culture Declares Emergency. She is working on links between the local arts and environment sectors, and creating a base for the Climate Museum in the City. Jennie Pedley is a co-founder of Edible East Community Interest Company, which promotes a healthy and sustainable future for everyone through creative workshops, community gardening and cultural events, all informed by the latest research.
Bridget McKenzie

May – Welcome to our two new members, Natasha Day (former licentiate member) and Rachel Furze.

Tuesday 4 April
Thanks to everyone who came along to a busy evening at the chapel for an open meeting format – with plenty of artwork brought along to display and discuss.


(Photo from a previous open meeting)


For more information about meetings and membership:

For ‘open’ meetings – all are welcome to bring artwork along – we advise bringing something that you can easily carry, and can be displayed on a table or leaning on a side table or chair against a wall.


Tuesday 7 March 

Another ‘open’ meeting, where artists – both group members and not – shared ideas and showed both work in progress and recent art.


Tuesday 7 February, which had a Q & A format, thanks to Christine Allman and Jos Wickham – group members who each talked about their work, with questions posed by Peter Baldwin and Martin Battye.


Tuesday 3 January 2023 – Good to see old faces and new at our first meeting of the year with plenty of artwork displayed and discussed.


Tuesday 6 December – our annual party celebration!

Tuesday 1 November

Thanks to everyone who came to our meeting, where four recent NUA Fine Art graduates gave talks about their art practice.

A priviledge to hear from Jo Bellamy, Carl Durban, Catherine Swain and Luke Underwood, our new licentiate members:


Tuesday 4 October

Format – an ‘open’ meeting – with works in progress brought along to display and discuss.

Good to see a mix of familiar faces and new, thanks to all for attending.


Thanks to everyone who came along to our September meeting too, also an ‘open’ meeting, noting all are welcome – with or without artwork.

Please check here for updates and our newsletter for any changes to dates.


All are welcome to our meetings, noting that the May meetings are for members and proposed prospective members only.

Thanks very much to artists who brought their work along in May 2022.

We’re very pleased to welcome four new members:

Christine Allman, Craig Frost, Sally Hirst and Helen Ireland.


Thanks to members and visitors for making a successful return to meetings this year, here’s a photo from Tuesday 1 March.


2021: Lovely to hold our festive party meeting on Thursday 9 December.

Thanks to everyone who came along on Tuesday 2 November – with talks about their art practice by recent NUA graduates, Jennifer Lovatt and Natasha Day.

With thanks to Natasha, giving her talk in the photo below here, and Jennifer too!


Posted on 5 April 2023