Next meeting Tuesday 4 June – Talk: Transitions – Climate Change


We are pleased that Trevor Davies and group member Gennadiy Ivanov are to give an illustrated talk about their recent Science/Art project – Transitions, addressing the subject of global, and local, climate change.

Please do arrive in time for the 7.30pm start to ensure you secure a seat!

Usual location of the Chapel, Park Lane, Norwich.

Further information:

North Norfolk recently declared a climate emergency; quickly followed closely by the House of
Commons. This is hot on the heels of the first phase of an exciting Norfolk project to increase public
engagement by fusing art with the science of climate change.
Norfolk artist Gennadiy Ivanov and Trevor Davies, former Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and
Director of the Climatic Research Unit at UEA, have combined to represent aspects of climate change
and its impacts in visual art in order to increase awareness in a wider section of people. They have
just returned from Canada, a country which is amongst those most greatly affected by climate
Gennadiy Ivanov had already produced paintings related to sea-level rise and coastal erosion in
Norfolk when he approached Professor Davies, who says “I was impressed by Gennadiy’s paintings.
He interpreted and visualized coastal erosion in a way which I found striking, and I thought that his
impressionistic images could have a wider impact”.
From Gennadiy Ivanov’s perspective, he knew that Norwich was a hot-bed of climate research and
wanted advice on how best to develop his work in the climate change theme. “Professor Davies
explained the principles of climate change and its impacts and convinced me that, together, we
could produce a real fusion of science and art in this project. Everyone we spoke to in Norfolk was
enthused by the project, including those who had experience of art in education as a means of
getting over a story to those who might not otherwise be interested”.
The real breakthrough came when Professor Davies contacted a colleague in Canada, Professor John
Pomeroy, who had spent time at UEA in the 1990s, and with whom co-operation had since
continued. Professor Davies explained that “John is Director of a very effective and important
research project in Canada called Global Water Futures (GWF). It is addressing the major climate
change related events which Canada is experiencing: more severe floods, droughts, fires, recession
of snow and ice-cover, and perma-frost melting. I felt that witnessing the impacts of these changes
in landscapes which were very different to those in Norfolk could give scope Gennadiy to produce
even more striking pictures”.
The two have just returned from a research trip in Canada in which Gennadiy Ivanov was able to join
in GWF activities at a number of research sites in the Yukon, North West Territories, and the Rockies
in Alberta. He says “I am very grateful for GWF support and feel enormously privileged to have
witnessed the incredibly hard work put in by the scientists, involving sophisticated instrumentation
in remote and difficult terrain. Sometimes the only way in was by helicopter or ski-plane. It made me
realise the effort put in by scientists to understand and the effects of climate change and that
sometimes it is necessary for them to use modes of transportation which emit global warming gases
in order to better prepare us for the future”.

Posted on 10 May 2019