Theatre Royal Norwich – 20 into 18

Friday 26 January – Monday 23 April 2018

An exhibition of fresh artwork for
2018 by Norwich 20 Group members


This exhibition gives a snapshot of the wide variety of approaches from a selection of artists creating paintings and drawings; work shown is by Joceline Wickham.


Artists included in this exhibition: Peter Baldwin, John Bardell, Sarah Cannell, David Chedgey, Richard Cleland, Colin Devine, Brigitte Anne Hague, Gillian Hickling, Gennadiy Ivanov, Yusuf Keten, Diana Lamb, Frances Martin, John Midgley, Peter Offord, John Rance, Tracey Ross, Sandra Rowney, Jane Sanger, Ann-Mari Stevens, Barry Watkins, Monika Wesselmann, Joceline Wickham, Juliet Wimhurst and David Woods.



Posted on 5 December 2017